Day031 — Procrastination

I am a heavy user of Youtube. I watched more than a few videos, ranged from gaming to technical product review, mostly gaming, on Youtube every single day. This is my way of knowing what other people are doing with their life, especially people who are in the same age group as mine. So, I could understand what I could achieve and how can I improve mine. Lately, I stumbled upon a youtuber, Morgan Yates. I believe she is a senior college student. She posts video about her school and daily life. By watching just a few of her videos, I have already known she is a very organized and self-disciplinary girl. In the video titled, What’s In My Backpack 2017 for College!, she has a whole book just for writing down to-do list for each week. This is the kind of quality I have been missing for my whole life so I decided I will do my own version of weekly to-do list. (BTW, I like hand written things too. )

Another thing I learned from her is that I should never procrastinate. I know this is one of my biggest problem for a very long time but I just can’t find a way to deal with it. I have listed things that I want to learn, do, and improve. I just make a list, not a to-do list because I never actually do any of them. But, in 2017, I will say no to that. No to the former self. No to procrastination. Although actual implementation of how to do that is still unknown, I will probably start something small, tackle it step by step.

This article is kind of like my 2017 resolutions. I am determined and focused. Hope I will accomplish mine and you, reader of this article, will finish yours. Wish you have a great year.